Introducing the Pre-shaped Meshes Kits for Inguinal Hernia Repair

Herniamesh’s Hertra Kits offer the surgeon the convenience of a wide variety of ready to use pre-shaped mesh combinations.


The Kit with reference H2T25 is used in the repair of inguinal/femoral hernia repair and it contains one piece of mesh PT2/5 and one piece of mesh HTR02 as described below:

Three-dimensional plug, with 5cm round base. The base is used to prevent migration. The plug offer significant advantages, overall are less traumatic, do not cause compression of the vessels below and the base reinforces the area around the defect.

Semi-Rigid mesh, 4.5x10cm with keyhole opening. Anatomically correct, ready-to-use mesh, minimize the need for perioperative trimming. The mesh remains flat, it doesn’t wrinkle or form dead spaces which could lead to complications.

Herniamesh is an Italian manufacturer and distributor of monofilament polypropylene surgical meshes which are used in the repair of hernias of the abdominal wall.

Herniamesh products have superior flat dimensional stability, ideal rigidity and porosity for superior handling characteristics and for complete fibroblastic infiltration


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