Enteral feeding

Silicone Gastrostomy replacement devices for nourishment or long-term medication.

Low Profile Gastrostomy Button (G-Button)

A sterile silicone device for feeding, for medication access or for gastric decompression The device is translucent, with a radiopaque stripe to enable X-ray determination of the tube’s position in the patient’s body. Supplied with stylet for easier insertion.

2-way & 3-way Gastrostomy Tube

This gastrostomy range incorporates 7 sizes and is transparent with a white X-ray line tip. The lumens of these replacement feeding tubes facilitate balloon-inflation, feeding and medication. Different retention disks are available. Supplied with clamp to reduce spillage.

Jejunal Tube and Naso Gastric Tube

For delivery of enteral nutrition into the distal duodenum or jejunum.

Stoma Measuring Device

Designed to determine the depth (length) of a well-established gastrostomy stoma tract and to assist in proper length selection of the Gastrostomy Button.

The Stoma Measuring Device comprises a tubular shaft with graduated scale, a funnel with an inflation valve and a retaining balloon.

Extension Feeding Set for Low-Profile Gastrostomy Button

These sets vary by length and are available with two types of secure-lock connectors (a straight or right- angle) and five types of feeding media connectors.